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EXPERTS: Amy Quinnell &

Belinda Elworthy


The Details:

When you have confidence, it can feel like anything is possible, but if your confidence has taken a dip, it can impact your wellbeing, your ability to achieve your goals and your desire to persevere. 


This class will inform and inspire you to boost your Career Confidence. We’ll unpack the concept of self-confidence, and give you some practical strategies you can start to implement straight away.

This workshop will empower you to:

Better understand the concept and science of confidence 

Know how to identify and become aware of your own confidence-crashing triggers

Highlight the hot spots in your career confidence that need attention

Put in place several strategies to re-build your career confidence

Wellness First: Mindful Awareness Practice

Today we will start the session with a 10 minute mindful awareness practice with our wellness expert, Katherine Bruce. Through this practice of becoming aware of your breath you can reconnect your body with your emotions, calming the nervous system and enabling you to feel focused and confident. 


At the end of our session, Katherine will lead us in a beautiful 10 minute guided meditation that will leave you feeling relaxed and clear minded.

Amy Quinnell & Belinda Elworthy:

As presenters and commentators, Amy Quinnell and Belinda Elworthy demonstrate a signature blend of warmth, wit and professionalism. As business partners and mothers to 5 boys between them, this powerful pair offer a refreshing, intimate and educated perspective on the psychology of motherhood, mastering maternity leave, enjoying a career after kids and managing the juggle of family and work with grace and sanity.


Following two impressive corporate careers, 27,000 nappy changes and two years of research and development, this award-winning duo have recently dedicated their careers to supporting more working women to thrive through evidenced-based, psychology-led digital programs via their tech start up Both Amy and Belinda speak with authority, pragmatism and humour, making them engaging and encouraging panellists and presenters.

To enquire about Amy or Belinda as an MC, speaker or presenter, please contact:

Katherine Bruce:

Katherine Bruce is a coach and meditation teacher with an approach that combines heart and science. Having witnessed the profound impact meditation and mindfulness has had on both her own life, and the lives of people around her, Katherine is passionate about sharing a practice that is simple, joyful, and accessible. 


Katherine trained with davidji at Unplug Meditation Studio in Los Angeles to become a certified meditation teacher, has a Master of Applied Science - Coaching Psychology, a Bachelor of Arts - Psychology, Graduate Diploma - Commerce, and is trained in ACT (Acceptance Commitment Therapy).


You can reach Katherine here: 


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