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 Dress to Progress




HOST: Julia Chalon

Experts: Andrea Apitz &

Emma Willox

The Details:

"What you are wearing and how good you feel in your skin has a direct impact on how you show up professionally"

There is a scientific fact that says: people will judge your appearance within five seconds after you make the first impression and the first of what they sense about you is your face and the fashion choice you made. The attitude and the confidence are directly linked with how good you feel and often it completes the first impression you give to those you meet.

A great challenge we all face every morning is 'what to wear?'. We might feel we need something new to impress or feel good but sometimes the hidden gems are right there amongst the wardrobe maze. Or it might just take a couple of extra key pieces to create an entirely new look for the season.

Andrea Apitz who's been styling women for over 40 years is here to show us how to maximise our existing wardrobe, what essentials we can purchase if we need to maximise existing items and even more importantly, how to feel great in the clothes we wear every day.


This workshop will empower you to grow confidence in how you feel in what you wear every day, to create a great first impression and keep a balanced budget at the same time. 

This workshop will empower you to:

Learn tips and tricks to maximise your existing wardrobe to create a variety of 'go-to' style ranges that suit your body type and personality 

Uncover ways to feel confident in what you wear  knowing you have the expert advice to go by 

Key items to always look on point no matter what your income is and who you are going to meet

Create a great first impression and keep a balanced budget at the same time.

Wellness First: Breath Connection Practice

Today we are starting the session with a 10 minute guided breath connection practice with Pilates Teacher Emma Willox.


This will include an exercise on how get body mind connection through conscious breathing which will help to lesson stress and to establish  a sense of peace and clarity. You’ll feel more in flow and  able to fully embrace living in the present. The perfect way to connect to our inner selves before  feeling great on the outside too.

About Andrea Apitz:


Andrea Apitz  has worked in the fashion and accessory industry for 40 years. During that time she owned her own showroom for 25 years in Honolulu, Hawaii showcaseing different brands of accessories and fashion and now works for Veonika Maine within David Jones, styling women daily.

Andrea is also a  volenteer for 'Dress for Success', a not-for-profit organisation for women who are being empowered through the community to be their very best.

The mission of Dress for Success is to empower women to achieve economic independence. They empower these women to take back their confidence and overcome their barriers to gaining and sustaining employment.​

About Emma Willox:


Emma is a Pilates Instructor and she has a passion for helping clients become the best version of themselves both mentally and physically. Emma strongly believes that if you train the mind the body will follow and works on her clients mindset first.  Emma also believes in the power of the breath and how to use this to gain mind, body connection and will show you tips and tricks on  how to calm down the mind and body without anyone noticing a thing, meaning you can use these techniques at home, in the office, or anywhere you find yourself in need of them.


She is goal- oriented and energetic with a talent for motivating clients with enthusiasm and encouragement and has the ability to work well in many environments and teams.

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