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Planning for Financial Success 






The Details:

By recognising what your financial goals are and then putting a bespoke plan in place, can help you achieve the lifestyle that you truly desire. How exciting!

This workshop will help focus your mind to identify and prioritise your financial goals and objectives both over the short and longer term.  Starting with where you want to be not only provides focus but is the foundation for formulating the plan of how to get there. The first thing I ask my clients is where they want to get to.  Some have a clear idea. Some have no idea.  This session will give you a clear idea of your financial goals and objectives and a timescale as to when you want to achieve them. 


Many people think financial planning is boring however, by knowing what your goals are and then putting a bespoke plan in place, it can help you achieve the lifestyle that you desire and to me, that is very exciting.

This workshop will empower you to:

Get clear on your financial goals and objectives and gain an understanding of the opportunities there are to achieve your goals

An understanding of Diversification, Risk Profiling and liquidity (this will be fun, I promise!)

Become excited and motivated to have the foundations your financial plan put in place with clear actionable steps to take right away

A feeling of financial empowerment and ready to make the tough decisions that your goals deserve

Wellness First: 10 Minute Grounding Breathwork

Today we are starting the session with a 10 minute grounding breathwork practice that can be completed any time of the day with our wellness expert; Emily Ann Cesca.  

Through this short practice, participants will learn the beginnings of how to link breath and movement that will help us look within for truth and guidance (very important when we're making big money decisions). The best way to start a workshop and feel empowered to make positive change in our lives!

About Alice Douglass:

Alice Douglass is an Independent Financial Adviser based in Wiltshire, UK. 


After graduating from University with both a Degree and a Masters, Alice joined the family business – a successful firm of Independent Financial Advisers based in Nottingham. She has since gained over 13 years’ experience in the Financial Services profession working not only within the family business but for providers Standard Life and Zurich. Alice joined Grosvenor Consultancy in 2015. Alice likes to build lasting, long term relationships with her clients: really getting to know them so that she can assist them in achieving their financial goals and objectives.

In her spare time, Alice enjoys country walks with her dog, keeping fit, socialising: spending time with family and friends and holidays. She very much likes the outdoors having recently converted a campervan, taken up surfing and is hoping to learn how to sail.

Find Alice Douglass here:

About Emily Ann Cesca:

Emily Ann Cesca has been practicing yoga since 2012. Starting with a very physical hot yoga practice, Emily has grown to embrace the holistic and spiritual aspects of the hatha yoga tradition. Through learning to listen to the innate wisdom of her body, Emily has discovered that the key to a more

joyful life lies within. It is her deepest desire to share this insight and explore the possibilities of yoga with other people.


Emily has completed over 450 hours of formal yoga training through Qi Health and

Yoga in Manly, NSW. Her primary influences are Mark O’Brien and Joan Miller

(lead teachers of the Qi course), Donna Farhi, and T.K.V. Desikachar.

You can reach Emily here:

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