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We are in a new era that requires a different style of leadership that starts with the ability to lead ourselves.


Whether you are leading in an organisation, your own business or your family; your ability to practice personal leadership is strengthened by knowing yourself.


This self awareness extends beyond your strengths, values, beliefs and behaviours; to your understanding of the biological processes of your brain, your gut, your heart and the way we integrate our minds with the health of our bodies.


By doing so, we can perform more effectively, collaborate with others instead of achieving by ourselves, innovate and execute with agility.


In this masterclass you will have a brief introduction to the i4 Neuroleader Model and Methodology which provides new leadership development techniques that we will need to learn to enable us to thrive in the future of work. 



Join us if you want to:


  • Aspire to be a leader or lead a more fulfilling life

  • Learn, grow and explore strategies to improve your leadership effectiveness

  • Increase self-awareness and understanding of what behaviours help or hinder you

  • Understand how to check in with yourself and understand your feelings / needs

  • Understand the importance of the biological processes of our brain, our gut, our heart


You'll take away from this class:


  • An understanding of the key competencies for leaders in the 21st century

  • An understanding that effective leadership starts with strong personal leadership and the seven strategies you can implement to strengthen this

  • Self reflection on the areas you would benefit from focussing on to improve your personal leadership

  • Tips and techniques to improve your wellbeing and leadership performance

  • Choosing new habits to adopt to leverage your strength and improve your personal leadership


Alison is an executive coach and mentor with specialist expertise in leadership development, team effectiveness and client service delivery. 


With over 20 years of global leadership experience, Alison has assisted leaders in major corporations in the financial, hospitality, retail, government and property industries to elevate their leadership skills, teams and operations to exceptional standards.


Having also trained as a holistic counsellor, she also uses these skills to encourage and empower people to identify and understand why they think and behave in particular ways, and the impact this has on their lives and their success. 


This awareness provides clients with access to new choices and possibilities, and ultimately clarity on the leadership competencies most relevant to focus on. This ability to know, use and further develop their unique strengths enables greater leadership effectiveness, and optimises goal achievement.


Leadership Expertise


  • Over 20 years cross cultural experience in executive leadership roles in Australia, UK and European Union, Japan, Hong Kong, Canada, USA and Latin America

  • Global Director with Macquarie Group, developing the strategy and operational models for over 20 operations across 6 continents.

  • Global Director with Hyatt International Hotels, mentoring leaders and overseeing the design and implementation of operational and service standards for 65 hotels.

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