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Your Integrative-Health Tool Kit






The Details

From deadlines, difficult clients, tricky colleagues, a high performance culture or managerial pressures - the modern workplace presents daily challenges. 


This masterclass will give you the foundations of building resilient tools to cope and thrive in the modern workplace.


This de-stress toolkit will help you realign your energy system and feel whole, balanced and harmonised. Our professional accredited Acupuncturist and Herbalist will teach us a range of tools including a self massage we can do to instantly to ease stress, headaches and unhelpful pressures to gain a sense of calm and clarity to continue our day.



This class is for you:


  • You encounter periods of stress in the workplace and would like natural instant relief

  • You regularly feel a build up of tension during your busy days and would like to learn how to naturally release it

  • You want to handle pressure with more calm and clarity

  • You are looking for natural alternative solutions rather than turning to pharmaceutics when stress and pressure becomes overwhelming

  • ​You want to turn irrational fear into a grounding sense of calm and mind-strength




You'll learn in this class:


  • A self-guided massage that alleviates headaches and stress

  • An understanding of the specific pressure points that can release tension from a professional Acupuncturist 

  • A guided breathing exercise that you can use to instantly calm and reset

  • A recipe for a soothing tea that will help you gain clarity amongst the multiple daily demands

  • A natural toolkit that can be shared and taught to family and loved ones

  • A sense of relief and empowerment, knowing that you will be equipped with the right tools to help you deal with the demands of the workplace  



Brittney Cook – Bachelor of Health Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine (B Hlth Sc TCM. UTS).

Brittney Cook is the AHPRA registered and AACMA accredited Acupuncturist and Herbalist at The Acupuncture Room. Her passion for health and innovation lead her to undertake a career in Chinese Medicine. She enjoys devoting her practice to the provision of traditional and natural therapies to those who are looking to heal their bodies in a natural and holistic way.

Brittney has been trained to view illness and disorders as not something that a patient has, but rather something that a patient is. Rather than focusing on the labeled illness or disorder name, Brittney focuses on the person as a whole.

She incorporates the use of both traditional and modern modalities in her treatments, giving her patients access to the best of both worlds (or times should we say). She is especially passionate about using this combination to relieve pain and restore movement. 

She is always full of surprises and loves educating her clients about the benefits of natural and holistic health.

Find the The Acupuncture Room here:


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