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6 Exceptional Podcasts Recommended By 6 Exceptional Women

Updated: Oct 18, 2019

At Thrivhers we interview exceptional women who are living a life of self-success. One of the questions We ask, is to recommend their top podcast for personal development. We loved their recommendations so much we decided to highlight our favourite six that we think are exceptional.

These recommendations cover a wide range of topics and are all brilliant in their own right. Our top six, cover a range of development areas to get us off to a winning start!

1. The Knowledge Project with Shane Parrish - Insightful perspectives on life and success

This is a world-class podcast dedicated to personal growth and education, exploring of a broad range of ideas and teachings and gaining inspiration from a diverse mix of opinions and perspectives.

Anneli Blundel specifically recommends the interview with Barbara Oakley on “Learning How to Learn” as an invaluable resource for improving the effectiveness of your learning. Anneli says;

"Learning is more than just knowledge alone, for it to be truly effective, knowledge must be retained and applied – and that’s not always as straightforward as it sounds!"

We think this podcast is exceptional because: It offers practical advice for overcoming common obstacles to effective learning and tips for accessing our individual learning potential!

2.Women and the Art of "How to Own the Room" with Viv Groskop - Improve public speaking confidence and techniques

We love this podcast for so many reasons. Public speaking is one of the most common fears before death (fact) which makes this podcast a 'must have' in our self-development tool box.

Comedian, radio and TV presenter Viv Groskop discusses the secrets of successful public speaking, with inspirational women from around the world such as Nigella Lawson and Professor Mary Beard.

Becky Pinkard particularly loves the first few episodes for the sheer variety of fantastic women that Viv has interviewed.

Becky says;

The range of voices and experiences offers a unique and diverse perspective on public speaking.

We think this podcast is exceptional because: Viv Groskop adds humour to the highs and lows of public speaking (that are very relatable), as well as providing fantastic practical tips and advice to apply to our own public speaking techniques.

3. Making Sense Podcast with Sam Harris - Understanding the human mind, society, and current events

This podcast is for those times we want to entirely immerse ourselves into subject matters of gold. Neuroscientist, philosopher and best-selling author Sam Harris takes us on a fascinating journey to explore a topics such as the human mind, society and current events.

Bindi Lea recommends this for the intelligent discussions with a diverse mix of people on a broad range of social and cultural topics, covering everything from gender politics to religion, meditation to artificial intelligence and much more.

Bindi says:

The comparison and analysis of differing perspectives and points of views is challenging and mind-opening for the listener.

We think this podcast is exceptional because: It's a fantastic resource for keeping our fingers on the pulse of current issues and for broadening our perspectives on important topics.

4.Unconventional - Inspiration to make an impact

This podcast is a unique and independent series of interviews with unconventional leaders, hosted by Heather Parady, a counsellor turned blogger with a passion for discovering the unsung heroes making an impact in the world.

Domi Hanc finds the interviewees to be particularly interesting and inspiring people and knows that by listening, she’s also supporting another inspirational woman who is bravely putting herself out there. (We love that)

We think this podcast is exceptional because: It offers a unique perspective on what truly makes a person an inspiration and provides encouragement for those of us wanting to make our own impact.

5.Making Positive Psychology Work - Applying Positive Psychology to help us flourish in our work

This podcast is a series of discussions with leading researchers and practitioners in the field of Positive Psychology, providing help and advice on how to flourish at work.

Suzy Green recommends this podcast (and the work of Michelle McQuaid in general) as an invaluable resource for nurturing our energy and passion for life, within our work.

We think this podcast is exceptional because: We agree it’s a fantastic series, bringing the latest in Positive Psychology to the general public and teaching us how to apply it to our own situations, helping us learn to truly thrive in our work.

6.Oprah's SuperSoul Conversations - Understanding the deeper meaning of the world around us

This podcast is Oprah’s personal picks of her interviews with inspirational thinkers, authors, experts and visionaries from around the world. (We can't wait for the day she interviews Prince Harry for a Supersoul Conversation).

Maria says;

It’s an inspiring story about creating something wonderful and meaningful by following your heart rather than doing what is expected of you by society, family or friends.

We think this podcast is exceptional because: It focuses on spirituality within everyday life, which will open your mind, uplift your spirit and feed your soul.

These podcasts provide a dynamic variety of ways we can encompass our personal development. By consciously nurturing the many aspects of the multidimensional beings that we are, we will certainly find ourselves thriving.

By Gemma Coldwell - Contributing editor


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