8 Habits Of Women Who Cultivate Confidence Through Courage

Updated: Oct 18, 2019

We all know a remarkable woman who simply exudes confidence and we would be forgiven for wondering what’s her secret?! The great news is that we all have the ability to be confident – and courage is the key to helping us get there

When it comes to confidence, it’s easy to make the assumption that it’s something we are born with, or without; we either have it, or we don’t. We might look at a truly confident woman and feel as though her level of self-assurance and certainty is unobtainable. But in actual fact, confidence isn’t always innate – more often than not it’s a quality that is grown and nurtured over a long time – and that means it's achievable to anyone who decides to put their mind to it!

What we might not realise is that each of these amazingly confident women we know are not just confident, they are courageous too. It is their courage that distinguishes them and enables them to be confident. They will have self-doubts, off days and things they’d like to change about themselves, just like we all do. The difference is that these women don’t let negative thoughts hold them back – and this is where their courage comes in.

Wondering where to start? To help you tap into your inner brave and start living confidently, we’ve identified eight habits of women who use their courage to cultivate their confidence.