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Angela Ceberano's Answers to Thriving Interview

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

Interview with Angela Ceberano
Answers to Thriving with Angela Ceberano

MD & Founder of PR & Creative Communications agency, Flourish

MD & Founder of Marco & Co.

Named top 10 Tedx speaker on Anxiety by INC.


The ‘Answers to Thriving' is an interview series that takes a look at the women who have created a life of self-success. We uncover key moments, lessons and habits that have influenced the life they lead today.


You can’t start the day without:

An English Breakfast Tea with milk.

A favourite quote is:

‘Be interested, not interesting' .

One wellness ritual you do regularly:

Every week, I absolutely MUST go to the farm and ride my horses. It took me a LONG time to find ‘my thing’ – but finally, after many years, I found a hobby that enables me to completely switch off and be within nature. When I’m with my horses, I don’t answer emails or take calls. It’s a very mindful experience. This ritual has certainly saved me in many ways – it’s been the inspiration behind my new venture, Marco & Co – my luxury and equestrian inspired candle company. The company was inspired by my first horse, Marco. I owe a lot to my horse... he’s the best therapist ever!!

It took me a LONG time to find ‘my thing’ – but finally, after many years, I found a hobby that enables me to completely switch off and be within nature.

The last inspiring podcast you listened to and what makes it worth a listen:

My friend, Luke Matias, has a podcast called Mind, Body MATIAS and he did a really interesting podcast on his experience with pregnancy. It really hit home and connected with me because my husband and I sadly just had a miscarriage. I listened to it on my drive home and I had tears rolling down my face. It was so interesting to hear a male perspective on the topic of pregnancy and the challenging journey he and his wife went through.

A recommended read for personal growth:

How to Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie – its an oldie but a goodie. It was written in 1936 but who knew a book from that era could be SO relevant for today’s society? I love how the writer really focuses on seeing the world through someone else’s perspective and aligning what others want to what you want. I have a PR and Comms agency and it’s totally how we guide clients through campaigns. You need to create content that your audience is interested in before you start selling to them. Serve first... it’s a real ‘givers gain’ mentality. It’s so relevant to how we communicate today and it’s where so many people and businesses are going wrong - attract an audience, don’t seek it. I also LOVE the way he teaches the reader to be genuinely interested in people. I think sadly, a lot of people have lost the art of this.

How do you go about self-development?

I surround myself with good people first and foremost. I am very in tune with what triggers me into a state of anxiety or depression. From there, I consciously make an effort to address and eliminate the things that trigger me. Then, I go about improving and developing from there.

Which business or person inspires you right now?

My Dad – he's an inventor and entrepreneur – it never ceases to amaze me how he never, ever, ever gives up.

Who has helped you progress in your career the most and what did they do to support you?

My husband. He has been by my side every step of the way. He believed in me and told me to ‘go for it’ even though I was risking our house in doing so. I think you need someone who is able to be a calm voice of reason and someone who has your back every step of the way. He also encourages me and inspires me to be a better human – which makes me a better business woman. He now works in the business and we’d all be lost without him.

What has been the most defining moment in your career to date?

Starting my own agency almost 10 years ago… that was a big one. Doing that at 27 was pretty brave (or naïve!) and learning to grow and build (and survive) in business with staff and offices is an interesting challenge.

What fear have you had to overcome to pursue your ambitions?

Public speaking and being in front of the camera. I am by nature a painfully shy person and have always had anxiety... the fact I now run a communications agency and am a content creator is quite incredible.

Life/career advice you wish you’d been given in your early 20s?

It’s really important to sleep and rest – I WISH I took more time to enjoy the moments – I missed out on a lot by stressing and worrying and obsessing over my career... but then, maybe that’s what got me here? But you need to ask yourself... ‘at what cost?’

For women who want to make a positive change in their life but don’t know where to start, what advice would you give them?

Stop. Reset. And find a hobby that allows you to mentally switch off. Find the thing or a place that helps you be still. Then do the work, dig deep and get really honest with yourself. The RIGHT answers started to present themselves to me when I learnt to be still. And P.S. – STOP comparing yourself to everyone on social media. In fact, whilst you try to find the answers, go offline… !

The right answers started to present themselves to me when I learnt to be still.

What does thriving mean to you?

Thriving to me means building the inertia to have a positive, fulfilling and passionate life.

anything else you’d like share?

I’d love to talk about my new candle range that was inspired by my horse, Marco. At the heart of the brand, it’s all about passion and educating women (and men) of the importance of mental health and quiet reflective moments.

Check out Marco & Co



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