Bindi Lea's Answers to Thriving Interview

Updated: Apr 2, 2019

CEO of The Trading Circle a not-for-profit organisation empowering women from around the world to gain economic independence and Founder of Four Brave Women


The ‘Answers to Thriving' is an interview series that takes a look at the women who have created a life of self-success. We uncover key moments, lessons and habits that have influenced the life they lead today.


YOU can’t start the day without:

A cup of tea. Meditation - I don't get to do this every day however when I do my days flow better, I am more at peace and I find the answers I am searching for both professionally and personally.

A favourite quote is:

I have many! My newest favourite is, "When you have more than you need build a longer table, not a higher fence." I cannot find who said it but it sums up exactly what we do with Four Brave Women and is how I think we all need to view the world. Everyone needs to start building longer tables.

The last inspiring podcast you listened to and what makes it worth a listen?

I only listen to a few and Sam Harris is my favourite. He is worth a listen because he is very broad in who he chats with and what they talk about - anything from gender politics, religion, meditation, artificial intelligence, society and culture, psychology and more. His guests are intriguing and intelligent and offer experiences and opinions that differ to his at times which is challenging and mind-opening for the listener.

A recommended read for personal growth:

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho or The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran. Both make you shift your perspective, give you a deeper level of understanding of yourself, others and the world and are both full of enriching wisdom, nuggets of truth and the strong message that all you need in life you can find within yourself.

How do you go about self development?

A lot of self-reflection, journalling, reading, constant learning and challenging myself to look at and work on the difficult and confronting things in my life. Deep and honest chats with friends and sometimes a solid counsellor or mentor also helps - especially when they offer you insight or advice that is hard but needful to hear.

Which business or person inspires you right now and why?

Julie. She was my first boss and took me under her wing when I was 14. She could see that my life was chaotic and that I was not in a good place and she gave me a job and taught me everything I know. I worked for her for ten years on and off and we are still best of friends 22 years later. She is one of the strongest business women I know - juggling two businesses, children and more and still took the time to patiently mentor me. I can honestly say that I would not be where I am today without her. Further to that, she is a big part of the reason why I do what I do now - she could see a creative entrepreneur in me, drew those qualities out of me, gave me a safe place to learn and grow and believed in me enough to allow me to manage her store at the age of 17. She empowered me and gave me the right tools. Having been fortunate enough to experience this myself it has inspired me to do this for as many people as I can as well.