Domi Hanc's Answers to Thriving Interview

Updated: Oct 18, 2019

Answers to Thriving with Domi Hanc
Answers to Thriving with Domi Hanc

Founder, creator and doer of 100 New Things To Try

After too many years of pursuing a professional career in the corporate world, Domi decided to opt-out, and talked her husband into starting a business. If that wasn't enough, they then decided to pack their life into four bags and bought a one way ticket to the other side of the world. All this, made them have so many first-time-experiences that expanded their minds, dared them to do more and enriched their lives in ways they never imagined, they decided to carry on, and '100 New Things To Try' was born. Here are Domi's 'Answers to Thriving'


The ‘Answers to Thriving' is an interview series that takes a look at the women who have created a life of self-success. We uncover key moments, lessons and habits that have influenced the life they lead today.