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How to be a goal slayer in 2019

Updated: Mar 23, 2019

It’s early December and the question on everyone’s lips out in workplaces, through schools and at social catch ups is  “So what are your New Year’s Resolutions for 2019??”. If you feel like that’s a daunting question, you’re not alone. It’s a common tradition, and a well-intentioned one, but many people struggle to identify the changes they want to create for the new year, and are unsure of how to actually make them stick! This year, we want to see you succeed at your goals, so we’re sharing a few of our favourite goal slaying tips and tricks!

1. Turn SMART goals into SMARTY goals

Before we tackle the how of goal slaying, let’s get clear on what we’re wanting to change and why. Make your goals specific and measurable, so you can spot when they’ve been accomplished, and consider whether they are attainable, realistic  and time-related. Set goals you are willing AND able to work towards, and keep in mind a deadline. This will help create enough of an urgency to fuel your motivation for change.  Lastly, get clear on your “Y”. Set goals that support a greater purpose, and visualise how your life will be more meaningful once you’ve achieved the change. Got greater health on your radar? Attach it to a why statement that’s grounded in your personal values around family and lifestyle. This extra awareness of purpose will help to anchor your efforts across time.

So you’ve set your goal. Now what?

2. From little things big things grow

Chunk that big change down into bite sized pieces. Stanford behavioural scientist BJ Fogg stresses the power of ‘Tiny Habits’ for change that sticks. Our brains like predictability and routine, and will often misinterpret our well intentioned but big changes as a serious threat! So start small. Attach your new health, relationship, lifestyle or career habit to an existing cue, something you do already in your day, and reward your efforts straight afterwards. Small wins will increase confidence and help you sustain your motivation.

3. Find your cheer squad

Let’s face it, change requires work and motivation. Pump up your efforts by sharing your goals with people you know and trust. Ask them to help you stay accountable, give you feedback when they see you on the right track, and most of all, celebrate your wins with you. And don’t underestimate your own internal cheers quad too! Give your self talk a positive kick start and cover those blank walls with quotes and pictures that remind you of your goals, and songs to pump in the car that fuel the fire in your belly!

Guest blog post by Mariane Power: Director of The Posify Group



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