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Kate Keane's Answers to Thriving Interview

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

Interview with Kate Keane
Answers to Thriving with Kate Keane

Founder and Managing Director of Kate & Co.

Top line achievements over 20 years include: Virgin Australia Runway in the Sky, Managing the PR for the L’Oréal Melbourne Fashion Festival (VAMFF), managing campaigns at the Melbourne Cup Carnival including Emirates Airline, Lavazza Australia and Myer, managing the guest list for Myer's 100th birthday celebrations and escorting media to see Shane Warne in Las Vegas for the World Series of Poker and this year celebrating their 10 year anniversary in business (High five to that).


The ‘Answers to Thriving' is an interview series that takes a look at the women who have created a life of self-success. We uncover key moments, lessons and habits that have influenced the life they lead today.


You can’t start the day without:

A hot latte.

A favourite quote is:

“Ability, is what you’re capable of. Motivation, determines what you do. Attitude, determines how well you do it.”

One wellness ritual you do regularly:

Up until a few weeks ago, I would religiously attend weekly yoga sessions, now I'm 33 weeks pregnant so I'm having a small break


The last inspiring podcast you listened to and what makes it worth a listen:

I am right in the middle of a podcast with Pip Edwards called Offline, and hosted by Alison Rice, an award winning journalist who chats to those behind 'famous' Instagram accounts on being your true self.

A recommended read for personal growth:

I recently read Educated by Tara Westover, it was fantastic. It's not traditionally a self help book but it is extremely inspiring and it demonstrates what some people go through to achieve greatness in their life and to ultimately thrive.

How do you go about self-development?

I read some self help books but I often find listening to your peers and educating yourself on how others manage various aspects of their development to be very inspiring.

Which business or person inspires you right now?

I find Pip Edwards a huge inspiration. If her Instagram is anything to go by she has health, fitness, business and travel all very well aligned. She's managed to build a personal brand that resonates with her target audience and she seems to be having a lot of fun doing it. I have also always loved Amanda Briskin-Rettig of A-esque, she has launched a second successful business (the first was Mimco in 1996). She is direct, knows what she wants and ever so stylish.

Who has helped you progress in your career the most and what did they do to support you?

My husband has been there from day one, he remembers the first day I walked into my home office and turned on my computer and he's still there championing me today whilst I manage two offices (Melbourne and Sydney) and 10 staff.

It's not about pleasing everyone around you, and the answer no, can sometimes be just as important as the answer yes.

What has been the most defining moment in your career to date?

It would have to be the day I started my business. I didn't have any clients or work to do but I woke up, got ready for work, went into my home office and started emailing and calling contacts, it felt liberating and I learnt a lot about self motivation.

What fear have you had to overcome to pursue your ambitions?

It's not really a fear, but I've experienced terrible anxiety, twice it led to a panic attack. I found that breathing techniques can work unbelievably well and I've also learnt to say no. It's not about pleasing everyone around you, and the answer no, can sometimes be just as important as the answer yes.

Life/career advice you wish you’d been given in your early 20s?

Follow your gut instinct and don't believe that everyone is there to support you, most people will be but its best to always ask the right questions if it doesn't feel right.

What advice would you give women who want to make a positive change in their lives?

It's the little steps that help achieve your ultimate goals and it's important to have a plan, even if it's a 6 month plan. Most importantly believe in yourself, if you know you can do it, you will.

It's the little steps that help achieve your ultimate goals and it's important to have a plan.

What does thriving mean to you?

Leading a happy, healthy and full life with a group of supportive people around you .


Kate & Co team

Kate & Co. are celebrating their 10 year anniversary this month! Congratulations for reaching this incredible milestone and here's to many more successful years to come.



Thrivhers is a platform to inspire and encourage us all to take action on our big, bold and brilliant ambitions. If you're ready, join us! Your inbox inspiration starts here.

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