Updated: May 21, 2018

Thrivher Achievements:

Created both OzSquad and Buggy Bootcamp

Thrivher Dive

  • Current career/life position: Fitness Business Owner to Mum!

  • Can't start the day without: Exercise ;) (or at least getting outdoors)

  • I’m most efficient at: I wish it wasn’t the case, but 5AM

  • Most effective productivity tool: My handwritten to-do list

  • Best read of all time is: Down Under – Bill Bryson, it indirectly made me move to Australia

  • Biggest role model: anyone that makes a living through hard work, determination, stubbornness and tenacity whilst providing great customer service/products because I know how bloody tiring it is!

  • Non-negotiable: exercise (am I sounding like a fitness bore yet?!)

  • TOP music track that sets your heart on fire: Uptown Funk, or any 90’s dance tune from the Ritzy nightclub in my English hometown

  • Most random job: Counting screws in a hardware store

  • Mindful habits: Running, yoga

  • Most afraid of: Being late! Hah no seriously I do hate being late but I’m afraid of never being content and always chasing the next thing. I’m trying to be content!

  • Go to for fun: getting a group together for some kind of activity; a sport, a run, a camping trip, balanced out with some wine and bloody good food.


Back to the beginning of your career journey, what did you first focus your studies in?

I didn't know what I wanted to do at uni at all. I did Art, Maths, Design Technology and Physics for my A Levels, so everyone said to me, "Wow! Do architecture", And I was like, "OK then."

I knew while I was at uni I shouldn't have chosen it, because all the people that were on the course wanted to be an Architect since they were 4 years old. They’d played with lego and were totally passionate about it, I just never felt that way. I finished the course anyway, I didn’t know what else to do instead and was too stubborn to give up.

After realising the Architecture wasn’t for you what did you decide to do next?

I travelled and came back financially broke, so I remember walking into this recruitment agency in London on the side of the road and got a job at a pub management company straight away. I worked for them for about a year, but they went bust. The Administrators came in to close it all down, but at the end offered me a job with them, so that's how I got into accountancy.

It was one of the weirdest turns of fate for my career, because I would NEVER have chosen it. I didn't even really want to do pub management, but I was quite good at it because it was organisational logistics stuff. Accountancy wasn't an obvious choice for me, but I was given the option of either being made redundant and being unemployed, or working for one of the big four accountancy firms. It was a no-brainer!

I was with them for about five years until my partner and I then went traveling. We traveled for about two years until we arrived in Australia where we intended to live at the end of it.

That trip was one of the most awesome things that we’ve ever done.

What job did you do once you came to Australia?

After traveling we were broke again, so I went back to doing accounting, getting a job using my London contacts. I lasted a year.