Updated: May 21, 2018

Silvia Damiano

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  • Can’t start the day without: A coffee. So clichéd, but so true.

  • Best read for growth: Tully by Paullina Simons. The book shows a great strength of character from a woman who went through a lot in her teenage years. By the end of it you just love her for being who she is.

  • Non-negotiable: Catching up with family and friends – close connections are so important.

  • Top music track of all time: “Sunny” by Marvin Gaye and "Hey Mama" by Kanye West - it's an amazing story about him and his Mum and how much she's inspired him to go on to be successful. Those two songs always make me happy.

  • Most random job: Being a nanny in a desert on the outskirts of L.A. for an extreme Mormon Family.

  • I’m most afraid of: I always think a shark's going to eat me and I love the Ocean, so it's a huge problem.

  • Go-to for fun: It has to be swimming in the Ocean. That is my number one… as long as there are no sharks.

  • I’m originally from: Sydney, Australia, and now live in: Sydney, Australia


Did you always know what you wanted to do career wise?

When I was five I either wanted to be a princess or an actress! I decided to go with actress because I knew that at least I could play a princess if I ended up getting that role.

My uncle had been an actor and studied at NIDA with Mel Gibson, along with some other fantastic actors. However at 32 he developed a brain tumour and passed away. I was five at the time and was very close to him - we had had a really strong connection. I remember feeling that I wanted to fulfil his dreams for him.

How did you start to pursue a career in acting?

I moved to the States in my early twenties because I wanted to work in film and television and thought I would have the best opportunities there.

I needed a way to get a visa, so I signed up with a nanny agency and was placed with a Mormon family who lived in the desert forty-five minutes outside of LA. I actually know lots of lovely Mormons, but this particular family were extremist – went to emergency meetings twice a week, kept a five year supply of food and didn’t let me leave the house at all for the first three months! It was a really bizarre experience.

I fell in love with the little girls, but then things became quite complicated so I decided it was time to go. The family became too reliant on me and didn’t know how they would cope without me! I managed to escape after seven months and was on the run for a little while.

I finally ended up joining an amazing Acting School in LA and was granted another Visa so my goal was coming together at last.

What were your first experiences of working in the Entertainment Industry in LA?

Everything's heightened over there and the energy is phenomenal, but if you're around the wrong people it can be incredibly lonely and tough. It’s similar in that sense to starting up in t