Updated: Feb 4, 2019

Thrivher Achievements:

1995 - Won the English Independent Schools’ 1500m Championships.

2005 - Won a bronze medal for Great Britain in the Lightweight Women's Quadruple Sculls in Rowing at the Senior World Championships

- Obtained a First Class Degree in Modern Languages

2008 - 4th position in the World Quadrathlon Championships

2011 - Broke the World Record for the Fastest Atlantic Rowing Crossing as the

Only Female Crew Member (Completed in 31 days and 23 hours)

2011 - Obtained a PhD in Medieval Castilian Poetry2011 - Earned a Commission from Sandhurst to join the Reserves

2012 - Obtained Distinction for a second Masters in MSc Defence, Development and Diplomacy

2016 - Kayaked around the island of Cyprus in just under two weeks

Current professional job title:

Fast Streamer in the Civil Service


  • Current career/life position: The luckiest in the world

  • Most effective productivity tool: Coffee

  • Best read of all time: Ron Hill’s two-part autobiography: Long Hard Road: Nearly to the Top Pt. 1 and Long Hard Road: To the Peak and Beyond Pt. 2 he's as hard as nails

  • Non-negotiable: Travelling so I can experience the world

  • THE music track that sets my heart on fire: Tina Turner ‘Simply the Best’

  • Mindful habits: Running

  • Afraid of: Nothing, if I die tomorrow it’s been amazing

  • Go to for fun: Sport

  • Next adventure goal: Running the coast of Ireland in 2018


What was your very first job? (Maybe while at school/straight after) When I was studying for my GCSEs, I worked as a cleaner in a portacabin on a building site. As well as that I worked in a cheese factory. It was amazing - we worked on a conveyer belt where we would unwrap the packets of cheese, scrape the mould off, wrap them back up and put them back on the conveyor belt again.

What were your early chosen career experience/s and what did they make you realise about yourself?

I was paid to row for the Lightweight Great Britain team and I was paid to write my first Masters. I realised they were good achievements because most people don’t get paid to do their Masters or to row in boats…