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Why Galentines Day comes before Valentines Day

Updated: Mar 23, 2019

Galentines Day is a relatively new tradition, but it's becoming increasingly popular each year – and with very good reason...

For those of you who don’t know, Galentines Day is all about celebrating our important female relationships and is fast becoming a prominent fixture on the feminist calendar. Celebrated on the 13th February (the day before Valentine’s Day), Galentines provides the perfect opportunity to lavish a little love on the brilliant women in our lives (as if we needed an excuse) and of course, not forgetting the other brilliant woman in our lives – ourselves!

While Valentine’s Day can have its place for those of us in romantic relationships, the significance behind Galentines Day arguably runs a lot deeper. Our relationships with ourselves and our truest female supporters form a cornerstone of our lives and identities and therefore go far beyond the limits of romantic attachments. What better reason to dedicate a day to celebrating that fact?!

Here’s how Galentines Day will make you and your friends feel AMAZING:

Putting you first has been proven to make life better all round

Studies show that regularly practising self-love and compassion not only makes life more enjoyable, but actively helps defend against anxiety, depression and a whole host of other physical health problems. We are certainly not saying we need a reason to show ourselves a little love and kindness, after all, there is no relationship more enduring than that which we have with ourselves.

However, Galentines Day really is the day we can go all out! Take a look in the mirror and tell yourself just how incredible you are, then be sure to do something you love – something that will make you feel as fantastic as you are. And the best thing about Galentines Day? It’s for ALL of us – not just those in a relationship (thanks Valentine’s Day!)

Women supporting and celebrating women not only empowers those involved, but contributes to a much wider social agenda for positive change

In a world where male dominated ideals still prevail, it is vital for women to show solidarity and support for one another. Although we are starting to see signs of positive social changes in attitudes towards women, there is still a long way to go and if women are not actively supporting each other, then we are passively working against ourselves! With global issues such as gender equality, pay gaps and body positivity at stake, it couldn’t be more important to encourage our friends to pursue their goals, go for that promotion, speak at that event or ask for an overdue pay rise.

Just think how great it feels when someone acknowledges our friendship and our best qualities – and how great it feels to tell them in return. Galentines is the day – send that text, make a call or go old school and write a letter (homemade cards only of course)! Let your female friends know just how amazing they are and help contribute towards positive social change by doing so - it doesn’t have to cost anything, yet the gesture will count for so much.

A fantastic reason to get together to celebrate and appreciate being incredible women!

Yes, this is highly recommended! Gather your fantastic friends together this Galentines Day, to share some fantastic food and even better company – and for what better cause than to recognise and appreciate your best qualities and to show how much you are mutually valued?! It is guaranteed to become an annual tradition and the ultimate feel-good fixture on your calendar.

Celebrating self-love and celebrating women go hand in hand and it’s important, on a personal level and in a wider sense, to do both - two healthy and fabulous reasons to make sure you embrace Galentines Day before Valentines Day this year!

By Gemma Coldwell - Contributing editor



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