Why Should Women Care About Investing?

Updated: Mar 23, 2019

By Rachael Bursell - Financial Adviser and advocate for female financial empowerment

As women, our life expectancy is higher than that of a man, meaning that we are faced with having to make do for longer, with less. So how do we turn that around?

We will retire with, on average, half the superannuation balance of men (ASU study ‘Not so Super For Women’ 2017) and Australian women over 55 are our fastest growing demographic of homeless (ABS 2016).

Ask any investor and they will tell you that the higher the risk, generally the higher the return. Over the long term, shares outperform fixed interest, and fixed interest outperforms cash stashed in envelopes hidden in the linen cupboard. So as women, what is our predominate investment style?

Women are generally more conservative investors. We tend to take less risks. Theoretically, that means our investments should underperform that of our male counterparts. Yet studies of gender differences in investment behaviour have shown that in the long term, female investors consistently outperform men according to study undertaken