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Art Modeling Studios Cherish Sets (April-2022)




from the Star Wars and Superman universes for fans to play with. The collection includes the Death Star, a re-creation of a full-sized Imperial Star Destroyer from Star Wars and a set of metal ion-scanning magnets designed by a renowned American physicist and the pre-school owner. Stuart Anderson, sales and operations director for Sony’s U.K. games division, said that Hasbro's new Disney StudioPIC concept was the most ambitious of its kind to come from the company. “It’s basically a project where every minute of our lives is spent trying to get these characters to do what we want them to do,” he said. “We’ve got to make sure they’re believable on the wall. We’ve got to get them to understand the lay of the land. We want the play that we’re developing for the product to be fair and balanced, which is what kids do.” He said Hasbro also wanted the product to appeal to adults, with a core appeal to fans of the Star Wars and Marvel universes, and to feature characters that were fair game for licensing. Hasbro is not the only company to attempt a "virtual" or "mixed reality" play experience. Thinkery, a children’s toy startup that has some $30 million in venture capital funding, has developed a virtual reality game based on the toy empire of Kenner, which produced the first Star Wars toys in the 1970s and 1980s. The game is expected to be the first of many from the company. Virtual reality games can be created at virtually no cost because they are self-contained and not based on a physical product, said Steve Mann, the vice president of business development and corporate communications for Sony, the leader in the category. “As we’ve all seen with virtual reality, it’s incredibly immersive. That’s something that even the best brands don’t have in the category,” he said. “It’s got the look and the feel of physicality. You can put the product on the table. It’s completely immersive.” The PlayStation 4 is available in numerous configurations, depending on the type of gaming experience, storage capacity and resolution desired, and the upgraded console also boasts 4K gaming support. The expanded gaming experience also includes support for the new PlayStation VR headset




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Art Modeling Studios Cherish Sets (April-2022)

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