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Unleash Your Authentic


Where: online
Wednesday 5th September



How to unleash your authentic self to live to your full potential


For the same price get 3x workshops for the price of one by joining our Thrivhers monthly membership

The Details

We all take on many different roles in our lives and we can slowly start to lose ourselves to these roles through time. Until one day, we realise who we are and what we do, have become one and the same! Through added pressure, we start to do with unreasonable, and most often, unclear, expectations as mothers, wives, sisters, daughters, friends, employees, managers or business owners. Fulfillment is now a goal left for the future and satisfaction comes from being able to keep our heads above water. This isn't sustainable, because what we do will change or stop, eventually. Then we will be left with the deep need to answer the question  "who am I"? 

By re-clarifying who we are and understanding why we do the things we do, we can become more resilient, more confident and have a higher chance of feeling fulfilment in our lives. It can set us up to start living with authenticity, clarity and purpose. We will become more than the things we do.

This workshop will take you through a series of guided exercises to create understanding and bring you clarity on your purpose, why you do the things you do & how you can improve the areas of your life which need it. 

Most importantly, it will help you connect with your authentic self to live your best life yet.



This Event is for yoU:


  • You want to feel connected between you and the life you are living

  • You have many roles in your life and you want to get back to the real you

  • You want to find real connection with your partner, friends, family or colleagues 

  • You want to feel in control of your emotions

  • You want to find ways to motivate yourself other than stress and pressure

  • You want to stop feeling so exhausted and start feeling fulfilled and happy






  • Discover the areas of your life which are misaligned with who you are

  • A sense of liberation when you know the specific expectations, assumptions, and stereotypes you can free yourself from.

  • An understanding of the steps to take to feel a sense of fulfillment in your every day

  • The foundation to take your relationships to a new level where you can feel heard, accepted and connected

  • The tools to instantly regulate your own emotions in those times of urgent need (we all get them)

  • The ability to motivate yourself in a more supportive and healthy way ongoing



This is your time with a Professional Transformational Coach who will be answering as many of your questions as possible during the session. We want you to leave the session feeling equipped to take positive action in your own life straight away.


Dimuthu will also be giving away a 45-minute one-on-one coaching session to two of our lucky attendees and 10% off her transformational coaching for ALL attendees who join this session. An amazing opportunity to support you in living your best life. 


Join us to Thrive ladies, we can't wait to see you there!



Where: online
Date: 5th September
Time: 7pm SYD / 10AM LON
$1 of every ticket sale goes towards charities that support women-YES!

For the same price get 3x workshops for the price of one by joining our Thrivhers monthly membership


"Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change"

About Dimuthu Perera


Dimuthu Perera is a transformational leader and the founder of You Inspired.  She leverages her depth of training, education and corporate experience to help individuals effect change. Through extremely personalised and tailored Conscious Leadership sessions and workshops, her focus always remains on the individual.


Dimuthu believes that equipping her clients with their own self-awareness and self-confidence is the most long-lasting and sustainable way for them to live extraordinary and fulfilling lives. 


Join us on the 5th September for our next wellness workshop where Dimuthu will be helping us find our authentic selves to live to our full potential. 


You can find Dimuthu here: You Inspired


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For the same price get 3x workshops for the price of one by joining our Thrivhers monthly membership

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