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Melbourne, VIC, Australia


Dr Lisa Gadd 

I support entrepreneurs to grow their business living a health and purpose filled life, without burnout. 

Dr. Lisa Gadd

Health + Business Advisor 

Offer: 10% off a coaching program 

*Mention Thrivhers when booking. 

Katie's Beauty Kitchen

I help people move forward to feeling Happier and Healthier. They are potentially feeling overwhelmed, stuck in a rut, experienced a recent change in their wellbeing and are struggling with making lasting change.

Katie Lowndes

Life and Wellness Coach

Offer: Enjoy 15% off my online course, shop and coaching

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Sydney, Australia


Naturely Shop

Naturely encourages a healthy and sustainable lifestyle by connecting customers and vendors through a one-stop destination community. We aim to have organic, healthy products and wellness services accessible for everyone.

Ann Phan

Healthy and Sustainable e-commerce Business Owner

Offer: 10% off for orders on our site

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Melbourne, VIC, Australia


Base Pilates

I help women feel connected to their mind and body through pilates movements. Offering them a safe space to feel amazing in their body, pain and injury free, while creating authentic relationships and a community that is positive, supportive, genuine and inclusive. 

Laura Gazzola

Pilates teacher

Offer: 50% discount on any package purchased (1, 2 or 3 classes).

*New clients only. Use code THRIVHERS to redeem.

Fertile Body

I am an Acupuncturist and Fertility Coach who provides guidance, treatment and support for women and couples who are struggling to fall pregnant.

Sally Gole

 Acupuncturist, Hypnotherapist & Chinese Medicine Practitioner 

Offer: 20% off the initial consultation for new patients. 

*Mention Thrivhers when booking.

Melbourne, Australia


First Step Wellness

I help women struggling with the demanding pressures of life to prioritise themselves and realise their self worth so that they can live a healthy, confident and purposeful life.

Bridget Avgoustakis

Wellness Coach & Intuitive Astrologer 

Offer: 20% off your first session

*Mention Thrivhers when booking

Sydney, NSW, Australia


Wholefood Mama

I help women find food freedom. I educate, encourage and empower women to make well-informed food choices that improve their health, weight and wellbeing and by extension improve their family’s health and wellbeing too.

Agnesa Simcic

Nutritionist, Food Coach, Yoga Teacher

Offer: 15% off any first appointment (nutrition consult or meal planning session); 10% off any online program or workshop.

*You must mention Thrivhers when booking.

Melbourne, Australia


Mindset and Movement

I navigate clients in their ability to show up powerfully in their own life.  Deep diving into mindset limitations and also working on body-mind connection, so they leave feeling supported, connected and educated.

Emma Willox

Wellbeing Coach

Offer: 20% off your first session

*Mention Thrivhers when booking


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