Achieve your personal goals through one to one coaching with Thrivhers recommended experts

Ready to accelerate your goals and connect with your chosen expert for a tailored one-one session? Check out our panel of professionals below. We only feature experts who we've partnered  with for our online workshops to ensure we only provide trusted experience, knowledge and tools for our audience to thrive by. Reach out and make your ambitions happen, we believe in you! 

You Inspired


I am passionate about empowering you with self-awareness and self-confidence. My approach is through simple, practical and easy to understand methods. 

Dimuthu Perera

Transformational Personal Coach



I help individuals to build resilience, limit the effects of stress in the workplace and improve their overall sense of wellbeing.

Claudia Masina

Wellness & Stress Management Coach

Rosie O'Halloran


I work with clients to  develop their unique strengths that enables greater leadership effectiveness, and optimises goal achievement.

Rosie O'Halloran

Heart Lead Development Coach

(02) 8397 8190

Dr. Laura Lum


Laura offers a warm and empowering therapeutic relationship. While she guides your purposeful time together, her non-clinical stance means she remains flexible, approachable and decidedly open-minded.

Dr. Laura Lum

Psychologist, nutritionist, research scientist, GAPS Practitioner

Awaken With Sheila


Corporate Leader and Intuition Expert. When you work with Sheila you will experience transformation, inner healing and a true clarity around your life purpose.

Sheila Vijeyarasa

Intuitive Consciousness Mentor

Mindful Wealth


I incorporate the principles of mindfulness, positive psychology and wellbeing with personal finance to  create flow when it comes to life, purpose and money.

Lea Schodel

Certified Money Coach 

Nicole Heales Financial


Teaching women to be clever with money, so they can relax and enjoy their lives. Let's get started!

Nicole Heales 

Financial Adviser, Mortgage Broker, Money Mentor

Financially Empowered


I'm passionately committed to helping you and your business in the best way I can. More than an accountant, I'm here to help you on your journey to financial  literacy and empowerment.

Grace Mugabe

Qualified CPA and Graduate of the AICD

Finance Your Future


I am passionate about improving equality and ensuring that both men and women have the same financial opportunities.

Rachael Bursell

Financial Advisor

Alice Douglass


I build ongoing relationships with my clients to set out a plan to achieve their financial goals and objectives which we will review to respond to their changing circumstances.

Alice Douglass

Independant Financial Advisor (UK)

Posify Group


With our combined expertise in psychology, careers coaching and education, together we can set and achieve goals that will support you to live your most meaningful life. 

Mariane Power & Jenna O'Connel

Psychology, coaching, consulting, teaching

GAIA Coaching


At GAIA Coaching we are working with successful executives, top performers and high achievers to accelerate their results.

Susanne Rauer

Executive Leadership Coach

About My Brain Institute


I work with clients to  develop their unique strengths that enables greater leadership effectiveness, and optimises goal achievement.

Alison Pate

Executive Coach/Leadership Development

Shri Mataji Meditation


Millions around the world are enjoying our free meditation since it was started by Shri Mataji in 1970. Her meditation promotes mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing.

Lisa Barron

Meditation Teacher

Emily Ann Cesca


Emily has discovered that the key to a more joyful life lies within. It is her deepest desire to share this insight and explore the possibilities of yoga with other people.

Emily Ann Cesca

Yoga Teacher 

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