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Podcasts to achieve your goals with a healthy mind and body.

Whether you’re looking for career advice, self-health support, or to ignite your curiosity and learn something new, we have just the podcast list!


In our ‘Answers to Thriving’ interviews, we ask our extraordinary women to share their one top inspirational podcast to give us that boost when we need it most. Check out our list, here to help inspire and motivate us, whatever our goal is.

Ridiculously Human

Recommended by Emily Penn

Each episode the hosts have conversations with guests who are recognised as people who provide inspiration, motivation and hope. They unpack how adversity or their sheer determination and mindset has been used to create a positive and meaningful impact in people's lives around them. 

She's on the Money

Recommended by Rachael Sarra

"Being a creative and a business owner I’ve got to look after my finances. This podcast is a really easy and supportive way to be more financially aware."

The Pursuit of Love

Recommended by Angela Koning

"It's hosted by three young entrepreneurs from Toowoomba who interview people who are making their passion their life’s work."

Offline, The Podcast: Honest Conversations About True Self

Recommended by Kate Keane

"I am right in the middle of a podcast with Pip Edwards called Offline, and hosted by Alison Rice, an award winning journalist who chats to those behind 'famous' Instagram accounts on being your true self."

Mind Body MATIAS

Recommended by Angela Ceberano

"My friend, Luke Matias, has a podcast called Mind, Body MATIAS and he did a really interesting podcast on his experience with pregnancy. It really hit home and connected with me because my husband and I sadly just had a miscarriage. I listened to it on my drive home and I had tears rolling down my face. It was so interesting to hear a male perspective on the topic of pregnancy and the challenging journey he and his wife went through."

How To Own The Room

Recommended by Becky Pinkard

"I've recently found; Women and the Art of "How to Own the Room" by Viv Groskop. I have loved the first few episodes for the variety of women that Viv has interviewed. There are a lot of different voices, with a lot of different experiences to listen across."

The Doctor's Farmacy with Mark Hyman, M.D.

Recommended by Anneli Blundell

"I recommend the interview with Author of Deep Work and Digital Minimalism, Cal Newport, “How social media may be ruining your life.”

A really important conversation about how to be mindful with how we use social media. Cal talks about the importance of having a digital strategy and ensuring social media and our use of devices serves us, rather than being led by our addiction to social media and the latest, loudest social media craze. Lots of sobering statistics about the impact of social media on our health, relationships and happiness."

How I Built This with Guy Raz

Recommended by Caroline Guillemain-Brunne

"I’m a huge fan of NPR’s How I Built This. All of their episodes are incredibly inspiring and I find that not only do I learn so much from the business owners they interview but it reminds me that there is no such thing as an overnight success, to be patient and to keep working hard."

Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations

Recommended by Maria Antwan

"Oprah's SuperSoul Conversations with John Mackey: Conscious Capitalism. An inspiring story of when you follow your heart and bliss, rather than what society, family, friends think you should do, you can create something wonderful and meaningful."

Relieving Stress

Recommended by Danielle McAlpine Johnson

"Once we focus only on the things we are called to focus on for that very moment, that very day, we become a greater version of ourselves and a vessel to be used for goodness. This podcast has strategies to help us relieve stress and live the life we are destined for."

Unconventional Leaders

Recommended by Domi Hanc

"I was a guest on Weekly Parady Podcast a few weeks ago, so I obviously listened to Heather interviewing other guests. And I recommend her interviews with really cool and unconventional leaders. Also, by listening to her podcast, you support another woman who is bravely putting herself out there."


Recommended by Amy Quinnell

"Secrets to understanding our sons’ (an interview by Janet Lansbury with Maggie Dent). Maggie is my go-to when it comes to navigating my parenting questions on raising our boys and I always find a quick listen to her or a read of one of her books so reassuring!​"

Making Positive Psychology Work Podcast

Recommended by Suzy Green

The Gender Knot

Recommended by Bec Brideson

"The show serves an important purpose: Encouraging men and women to enter a productive dialogue with one another"

Making Sense

Recommended by Bindi Lea

"Sam Harris is my favourite. He's worth a listen because he is very broad in who he chats with and what they talk about - anything from gender politics, religion, meditation, artificial intelligence, society and culture, psychology and more. His guests are intriguing and intelligent and offer experiences and opinions that differ to his at times which is challenging and mind-opening for the listener."

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