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Why Thrivhers

Thrivhers has been forged to inspire women to realise their true value and live out their career/life missions. Why? Because we're still discovering the brilliant talent that women provide when they know their worth and apply it where they strive to be. 


Our combined myriad of women are all at different levels of living out their purpose but all have one big, beautiful thing in common, the drive and spark within to be better and the  understanding that when we encourage, empower and support each other we can rise together.


Let’s thrive together.

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The creator

Behind the why

Thrivhers has grown from understanding that there are many women who, like myself, have a burning desire to be and do more, but aren’t sure how to get there.


Born with a work hard mentality and a drive to always do better, every job I’ve had always took priority in my life. I always wanted to prove that there was no task I couldn't handle, no hours I wouldn't do.


This attitude served me well while working my way up the career ladder, but meant sacrificing some of my own passions, and while I was working myself to the max, I made no time for self-reflection, setting goals or checking in to see if my current situation was aligning with a life I wanted for the future.


Pressing Pause

One of the best decisions I made was taking some time out to seriously think about what I wanted. I knew something had to change, but without a plan, I felt lost. Busying myself with work, sport and socialising wasn't answering anything.


The revelation

I realised I was having the same conversation with many other women who were giving most of their time and energy to work, trying to prove their value but were in a place they didn’t want to be.


There was a question I needed to answer; How can we as women feel more confident and empowered to make the change that’s needed to bring us closer to the life we are seeking?


The hardest move

I had to leave my job. My work had provided me with everything I could have imagined a job could bring, an office by the ocean, global travel, technology and working with exceptionally talented people, but I realised it wasn't my life's purpose.


I didn’t know what I'd do next immediately, but as I talked with more and more women about their career/life ambitions, I knew I wanted to somehow help unlock womens’ full potential to a place they feel they have no limitations.


A decision made  

I decided to interview real women who were doing exactly that already - living a life they had chosen, through their career, or life goals. I thought ‘if I could identify the steps that these women have taken to get on their success path, then I could prove to other women they could do the same’.


I handed in my notice at my company of seven years, and started on this journey to inspire and encourage amazing women like you, to live out your true life missions.


Inspired to stick to a plan

All the women I interviewed up to my resignation significantly helped reinforce my decision. Quitting a job is incredibly hard, but hearing the inspiring stories about taking risks, striving for goals and finally reaching them confirmed that I too had to take a risk for the life I wanted - for the person I needed to be and to embrace the positive traits I had.


I couldn’t waste another day. I had to start fulfilling this mission I had set for myself, with the hope that all women who read the interviews can get the same value as I did, and still do.


If you too have this constant feeling that you are meant for something more, then listen to the women featured here. Use this as a place to start, and become inspired to take the first steps towards living out your career/life missions as you were born to.


2020 is the year to shine - there is no better time to start.




Julia x

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