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Welcome to Thrivhers Masterclasses, we partner with knowledge experts within wellness, wealth and work to provide tools, professional advice and exercises that help you lead the life you want. Browse the masterclass library and take some important time out to learn, grow and take steps to achieving your thriving life.
If you don't know where to start, we suggest the life plan class. If you haven't created a life plan before or you need to update your plan this is the perfect place to begin. Have fun!

Creating your strategic life plan 

Cultivating Career Confidence

This workshop will inform and inspire you to boost your Career Confidence. We’ll unpack the concept of self-confidence, and give you some practical strategies you can start to implement straight away.

Dress to Progress

Starting with Wellness you'll become grounded with a powerful breath connection exercise.


Learn tips and tricks to maximise your existing wardrobe to create a variety of 'go-to' style ranges that suit your body type and personality and build self-confidence.

Supercharge your gut-mind

In this masterclass you'll learn about the relationship between digestive health, cognitive function, memory, stress-management, anxiety, depression and other aspects of mind-body performance

We also cook a nutrient-dense bone broth to nourish, sooth and provide all the building blocks necessary for a healthy gut lining​.

Planning for Financial Success

In this masterclass:

  • Get clear on your financial goals and objectives

  • Have an understanding of diversification

  • Have the foundations of a financial plan put in place 

  • Be ready to make the tough decisions that your goals deserve

How to Invest your Saving

In this masterclass:

  • You'll be better placed to assess whether an investment is right for you.

  • Learn about Diversification, Risk Profiling and liquidity (this will be fun, I promise!)

  • You will finish the workshop feeling financially empowered and ready to make the tough decisions.

Drive  home with purpose

Get ready to uncover the secrets of a purpose driven career, and set goals to make your mark in 2019.  A quickfire round up of the latest findings on meaning in the workplace will set the scene for us to experiment and play with evidence based goal setting strategies that will help ensure your purpose habits stick.

Your Self-Love Practise

During the class you will journal with intention, reflect with consideration and learn how to turn your attention inwardly to nurture and build on your self-love foundation. You will be guided to explore what self-love means to you and how we can build on our own relationship to understand our self-worth.

Developing your personal leadership

In this online masterclass you will have a brief introduction to the i4 Neuroleader Model and Methodology which provides new leadership development techniques that we will need to learn to enable us to thrive in the future of work. 

Learning the business of blogging

In this masterclass, you will learn the basics of how to start a blog, as well as learn the different business models of operating a profitable blog from scratch. All levels welcomed - no previous blogging experience nor technical skills are required. Learn how to craft your dream job starting now!

Learning to naturally destress in the modern workplace

This masterclass will help you realign your energy system and feel whole, balanced and harmonised. Our professional accredited Acupuncturist and Herbalist will teach you a range of tools including a self massage you can do to instantly to ease stress, headaches and unhelpful pressures to gain a sense of calm and clarity to continue your day.

Understanding your relationship with money

Much of what we think, how we act and feel about money is subconscious. Meaning that quite often we're not even aware of them - they just happen!In this masterclass we explore your relationship with money by using archetypes to identify current patterns and behaviours with money that you have developed over your lifetime.

Speaking up with confidence and clarity

Your voice and opinion is a crucial aspect of the value you bring and the ability to communicate effectively in open situations will not only increase your confidence but by allowing your ideas to be heard will increase your organisation's dynamic and ultimately it's future success. And on top, it will make you feel good. 

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