Your Season of Self-Love Practice 





The Details

This is 60 minutes of uninterrupted time where you can slow down and focus on the most important person in your life... YOU!

We all give and receive love in different ways and during this workshop you will have the opportunity to personalise your self-love practices. You will learn practical ways you can be the best friend you are to others, to yourself.

During the class you will journal with intention, reflect with consideration and learn how to turn your attention inwardly to nurture and build on your self-love foundation. You will be guided to explore what self-love means to you and how we can build on our own relationship to understand our self-worth.

Join us and create your own ‘self-love toolkit’ that you can call upon and practise these festive holidays so 2019 will be your year to shine.



This CLASS is for yoU:


  • You always feel good when you practice self-love but at this time of year everything else seems to be a priority and you are looking for some inspiration to get back in the self-love flow. 

  • You want to learn practical, effective tools to increase your self-love.

  • You are great at being there for others, but find it hard to be a friend to yourself.

  • You want 2019 to look and feel different to 2018... a foundation of self-love could make all the difference.






  • Feel: empowered, grounded, aligned to self, connected to self

  • Gain: clarity and reassurance that all is ok

  • Know: how to live from the heart first

  • Have: a self-love tool kit with the tools and excersises that can be your go-to for either a regular night of pampering or when you just need to remember how loved you are


Rosie O’Halloran is an award-winning social entrepreneur and coach, advocating for heart-led social and personal development.


Rosie works with individuals and groups, guiding them to look inwards and return to their place of deep knowing and truth: their heart. Throughout her career she has opened an orphanage in Uganda, captivated Sir Richard Branson with her story (and dance moves) and lived and traveled to over 30 countries. 


Rosie is a graduate of the University of New South Wales. She hold a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, is a certified HeartMath® coach, Life Coach and a certified practitioner in the Emotional Freedom Technique and Reiki. Rosie loves to create and lead workshops and retreats and women's circles and is an avid journaler


  • Huffington Post Australia named Rosie as “one of ten women entrepreneurs to watch” in 2016.

  • Her personal and professional journey has been profiled in the book, If she can I can, which showcases 29 of the most influential young women entrepreneurs in Australia. 

  • In 2014, Rosie was awarded the coveted Instyle Magazine / Audi Style Scholarship for the creation of her heartworks program, a personal discovery course for high school students.

  • In recognition of her humanitarian work, Rosie has been awarded a New South Wales Young Citizen of the Year Award, a Paul Harris Fellow

  • In 2012 Rosie was selected to be one of Australia’s Young Social Pioneers by the Foundation for Young Australians. 

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