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Rachelle Saevil's Answers to Thriving Interview

Updated: May 20, 2020

Rachelle Saevil is the Founder + Creative Director behind design studio, Saevil Row.
Rachelle Saevil is the Founder + Creative Director behind design studio, Saevil Row.

The moment Rachelle purchased a one-way ticket to Paris in pursuit of a dream, was the turning point in her career that led to her opening the doors of her design studio Saevil Row.

In our interview, Rachelle shares her pivotal moments and actions that got her business successfully up and running and the tools and resources she recommends for businesses starting out online. We also talk a little about our shared love for all things French. Enjoy!

Time-Stamped Show Moments:

3.04 - The moment Rachelle decided to get a one-way ticket to Paris.

5.09 - How the Paris adventure helped Rachelle realise her vision to establish her business.

6.19 - How Rachelle got her first clients for Saevil Row.

6.35 - What Rachelle was doing in Paris before she had the idea for her business... hint, it goes with croissant...

7.31 - Rachelle's Parisian adventure reminds Julia of the brilliant book 'Almost French'. (If you've visited Paris, it's a must-read.... actually, if you're a Parisian, it's a must-read too)

9.09 - Parisians and mindful eating (If you're anything like me, it was a good reminder for the current Iso situation... mindful snacking should be a thing... in my home at least...).

10.53 - How to find clients when you're starting your online business or having had to pivot your business online, as many have during Covid-19 (BIG respect).

11.52 - What's going to stand you apart from the way you do business compared to your competitors.

12.51 - Rachelle's No.1 resource to getting new businsses.

13.23 - Recommended resources for your online business.

14.50 - The value of an email list.

16.50 - A podcast Rachelle would recommend (hint... she has her own and it's definitely worth a listen)

19.11 - Wellness rituals and working out with a one year old puppy (cuuuuuute)

21.36 - How can we thrive through a time of uncertainty.

Resources from this Interview:

Canva - an online tool for all your graphic design needs.

Mailchimp or Campaign Monitor - Email subscription service with nice templates you can use.

Check out Rachelle and business partner Gina's podcast: The Girl Interrupted - Inspiration to take action and be bold enough to get sh*t done on the daily.

Stevie Says Social podcast: Proven tactics and strategies to teach you how to start, scale and automate an online business.

Earn Your Happy Podcast by Lari Harder: Get all the inside secrets and tools you need to elevate your life, business and relationships

Melissa Wood Health for online low impact workouts such as Pilates.

Up to the BEat Fit for online dance-based fitness workouts.


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