12 Ways to Cultivate Self-Kindness this Christmas

Updated: Jan 5, 2019

Photo by Bart LaRue on Unsplash

The ability to show ourselves the compassion and kindness we automatically extend to others, is crucial in maintaining our health and happiness, even reducing depression and anxiety.

Self-kindness is a hot topic at the moment and there is growing acceptance of the role it plays in our mental health and wellbeing.

While we may be aware of this fact, very often we dismiss it, believing that we simply don’t have time for self-love in our already busy lives. But this is a fundamental mistake! It's those of us who are the most thinly spread who are precisely the ones most in need of self-compassion! Self-love isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity and a basic human right!

Consider your friends and loved ones - no doubt you're first in line to sing their praises, pay them compliments or recognise their achievements and their worth. But, all too often, when it comes to ourselves, we are our own worst enemy! Perfectionist traits, the desire to please everyone and the misconception that to do something for ourselves is simply selfish, leads us to ignore our needs – a slippery slope to Burnout. What we must remember is that to have the ability to fill other people’s cups, we must first fill our own!