Answers to Thriving Interview with Yasmin Mund

Updated: Oct 18, 2019

Multi-award winning travel and documentary photographer and business owner which encompasses photography, food styling and production.

Quick Dive

  • Can’t start the day without: Checking the weather outside.

  • Best read of all time: Harry Potter, because I was 11 years old at the time and I believed I was going to Witch School. Still waiting for that owl!

  • Non-negotiable: To swim in the ocean.

  • Most random job ever: Occasionally I’m a food stylist assistant and arrange fries on trays according to their shape and colour.

  • Top music track of all time: Anything from Fleetwood Mac

  • Mindful habits: Healthy eating, very regular exercise and yoga.

  • I’m most afraid of: Not being able to see.

  • Go-to for fun: A few Aperol Spritz and a boogie.

Steps to thriving:

How did your studies lead you to pursuing a career in Photography?

When I was in High School I took some photography subjects, although at that time, photography wasn’t something I was particularly interested in - it was more of an artistic hobby. After High School, I didn’t really have any idea what I wanted to do, I just knew vaguely that I was a visual person - so I applied for a number of degree courses at various Universities and I ended up being accepted to do a Bachelor of Design in Visual Communications at the University of Western Sydney. During my first two years at University, I was pretty sure I wanted to be a Graphic Designer, but then Photography was emerging as my real strength. It wasn’t until the fourth year of my degree that I really fell in love with photography.

What was it that turned Photography into a deep passion?

For my final year I opted to do the Honours programme, which involved one large research based project. So for that year I engulfed myself in research and it just changed my life. My project was based on a theory of twelve universal dreams shared by all humans and culminated in a series of photographs visualising each of these dreams. It was a real formative experience for me and this was when I really fell in love with Photography as an Art form - as opposed to making client-based images of a more commercial nature.

Did you have any work experience whilst studying?

As part of my degree I had to do some work experience, and I was taken on by a local photo studio folding envelopes and getting coffees. They then took me on and trained me as a part-time re-toucher. It was an amazing position to be in, working within my industry whilst still studying - and my employer was very flexible and really supportive of my studies. For me it was such an asset because, although you’re shown the basics at University, you don’t get to master a craft like you would if you went to a Technical College and my boss at the studio really trained me from the ground up.

After your degree, how did your professional career start?

It was amazing, I finished my degree and was lucky enough to go straight into full-time employment at the studio where I was already working. At the time, it was quite a rare privilege. I moved into the role of Production Manager where I gained experience in the production and digital workflow side of the industry. I was managing all of the larger projects as well as the retouching.

I was with that studio for about three years and even though it was a small business and my boss was offering incentives, and even wanted me eventually to take it over, it just never got me really excited - especially having had the experience of creating Photographic Art during my research project. I didn’t know precisely what I wanted to do from there, although I knew I wanted to travel.

Was there a specific turning point that made you realise you wanted something more?